No Macs at Macworld

It’s official. Apple is no longer a “computer company”. Steve Jobs’s big keynote at Macworld 2007 introduced zero new Macs and no new software (OS X, iLife, iWork, etc.), but instead focused on a TV appliance and of course, the “iPhone”. This was underscored by the announcement that “Apple Computer, Inc.” would now be just “Apple, Inc.”.

This comes at a time when I was giving serious consideration to buying my first Mac. I was hoping there would be an announcement of upgraded Mac Minis, with Core 2 Duo CPUs. But no. Only a $300 streaming media box (obviously designed to drive more revenue to the iTunes store) and a $500-$600 cell phone. Ok, cell phone is an understatement, but I have no interest in it at that price (not to mention the monthly bill to go along with it).

Apple is now a consumer electronics company. Apple is the new Sony.

I think I’ll build a new PC to run Vista on instead.