XP SP3: Evil Plot to Get Me to Switch Back to Vista?

I grabbed Service Pack 3 for Windows XP from MSDN and nearly hosed up my machine tonight.

After backing up my drive, I installed SP3.  Once the installation finished, it wanted to reboot the system (of course).  Problem was, it wouldn’t start back up.  It just hung there on the Windows XP logo screen  with the "progress bar" going around and around forever.  I reset the box and tried again.  This is standard operating procedure with Windows – sometimes just trying something again works.  But not this time.

Fortunately, I could still boot into safe mode and uninstall SP3.  After that, everything returned to normal.  So now, I’m left wondering if I’m going to be stuck at SP2 on this machine and unable to get future security updates.  Is this Microsoft’s way of getting me to try Vista again?  At least under Vista things sort of worked and I could get updates.

Maybe it’s time to reconsider getting a Mac.

UPDATE: 5/10/08 – Installed SP3 via Microsoft Update with no problems. Mac purchase delayed for now. 🙂