Enough is Enough

Windows Vista caused me to have a Samuel L. Jackson moment a couple of weeks ago.


I installed SP1 with high hopes of it fixing the things about Vista that have been driving me nuts for almost a year.  Namely:

  • Random application crashes, including Windows Explorer
  • The inability to wake up using the network card with Virtual PC installed (can work around by disabling Virtual Machine Network Services, but then VMs have no connectivity)
  • And worst of all, Vista won’t wake up at all after being put to sleep a second time.  It wakes up OK the first time, but the second attempt causes the fans and hard drive to spin up while the OS itself remains comatose.  No video, no hard drive activity, no sound, nothing.  It takes a reset to get it going again, totally defeating the purpose of sleep mode – especially when resuming from the hibernation file takes WAY longer than a clean boot.

So, after putting up with with this nonsense for nearly a year, Microsoft finally released Service Pack 1.  And guess what?  IT FIXES NONE OF THE ABOVE PROBLEMS.  The first time Vista SP1 would not wake from its slumber, I said enough is enough (among a few other phrases that I won’t repeat here) and "upgraded" to XP.  XP has none of the above problems ON THE SAME HARDWARE (which I purchased new with the intent of running Vista).  As a bonus, everything is noticeably faster.  This review of XP got it right.

2 thoughts on “Enough is Enough”

  1. I use XP on my main development machine, but have Vista on my notebook. I keep thinking I really need to upgrade to XP on the notebook – I could use the 10% performance increase 🙁

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