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Moved this site to hosting this weekend from Brinkster. My rate with Brinkster was going up (I originally signed up during a 50% off sale) and they’ve annoyed me a few times when they would change things (breaking my site) with no notice. I’ve seen plenty of complaints about GoDaddy hosting around The Web, but I figured I’d try it myself for a couple months. And they’re CHEAP!

One of the first problems I had was getting this blog up and running. GoDaddy no longer officially supports PHP on their Windows hosting, but it is installed. I need PHP (for now) because this is a WordPress blog. I plan to eventually move to a .NET based blog, but I wanted to get moved over to GoDaddy fairly quickly.

The problem I had was getting connected to the MySQL database. GoDaddy provides either MySQL 4.1 or 5.0. The version of PHP installed on their Windows hosts is an older version and therefore, an older version of the MySQL client and it won’t connect to MySQL 4.1+ by default. After much Googling, I learned that the password hash in 4.1 and above has changed to a larger size that the older clients do not support. MySQL, however can still generate the older hashes for backward compatibility. The work around is to change your MySQL password using the following command:

set password = old_password(“yournewpassword”)

The “old_password” function generates the old-style password hash. This is less secure, but at least I’m up and running. As I said, I plan to move off WordPress anyway, so this is only temporary. You’d think GoDaddy would document this somewhere, but they appear to pretend that PHP on Windows hosting does not exist (and maybe it won’t someday – they tell you to use their Linux hosting if you want PHP). Hopefully, this helps someone else troubleshoot this problem someday…

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